To change your perspective means to change your life. But what does that mean?

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Do you remember that guy?

In case you don’t, his name is Thanos and the thing he has on his hand is called the infinity gauntlet. On that gauntlet he has six infinity stones.

Each stone has a special power that is possessed by the one that wields it. Amongst them, the Reality Stone granted its user absolute control over the fabric of reality itself.

With a snap of his fingers, Thanos could shape reality to his will. What if you could do that too?

What if you could shape reality according to your will and your goals?

Maybe you can. But you don’t need an Infinity stone.

When you change your perspective or point of view, you change the way you perceive your reality. Let’s see what that could mean for you.

Be the one that understands:

Every time I talk about the power to change your perspective and shift your point of view, there is this one quote from Bodhidharma that comes to mind.

” When you don’t understand, you depend on reality. When you do understand, reality depends on you”.

What does that mean to you?

You may not immediately understand what this quote is all about, it might even mean something entirely different for you.

To me, this is about recognizing the sere importance of the way that we look at life. Your point of view is going to determine if you are free, happy, strong or weak.

The way that you perceive your life, is determined by the way that you look at it. It is not about being right or wrong, It is about understanding that, whatever it is that you see, is what reality is for you.

When you understand, that to change your point of view is to change your reality, then reality depends on how you choose to perceive it. Because then, that is what becomes true about you.

On the other hand, if you do not understand that your perspective has such an effect, you are the victim of your own reality. You can do nothing about it other than accepting it.


What do I even change?

You change your point of looking at something. Action and reaction, if something is going wrong what right can be made of it?

To change your perspective will mean a plethora of different things. It all comes down to you.

To change the way that you look at something is the most diverse tool that you could have.

Look at your relationship with people. What works and what doesn’t. Once you figure that out, instead of saying “that is just who I am”, try and ask “how much of what is going wrong depends on me?” How much will a certain situation change, if I simply do something differently?

In psychology, they say that growth begins when you ask yourself what you are doing wrong.

What this question does, is change your perspective. Your point of view at the problem, you get out of the victim’s position and enable yourself to see how you contribute to the problem. How your own actions will define the outcome.

By breaking the habit of accepting that problems occur on their own, and starting to look at yourself as someone who also makes mistakes, you can start working on them.

Something that would not be possible, if your side of the story was it is never you to blame.


How do I change my perspective?

The first step on changing your perspective is understanding that you have one.

That means that you recognize that you look at the world in a certain way. Have you ever been mad at someone and then proceed to be annoyed at every little thing they do?

Or be so in love that you, almost intentionally, missed all the red flags that were warning you for the storm that was about to break?

These are very specific situations of looking at someone in a way that is not the most realistic. In a way that is not going to work for you. These are all cases where your judgement is clouded by emotion, your point of view is limited and you cannot see the entire picture.

Something you can start working on right now, is facing your problems like challenges.

Every problem can be just a problem or a reason to something better.

When something is a challenge, you can learn to overcome it and move forward. When something is a problem, it is just bad luck, a dead end. Think of how versatile you become when you can train yourself to think like that. By learning from hardships, you teach yourself to continually get better instead of continually hurting.

You always have a choice!

When an opportunity is lost, a myriad of new ones is following. You fail, so you can learn how to do it better next time. You find that a person in your life is not right for you, because you are starting to realize what is right for you.

The ability is there, you can position yourself in an angle where a downfall can be the premonition of an uprise.

Most of the times it is as simple as asking, how can this be better for me?

Verdict: What do you see when you change your perspective?

So what is it that you see when you look at your life from a better perspective?

Is it a life full of opportunities to be seized, or is it more like a one-way road? Even if it is a one-way road, it does not have to be a bad thing if it is something that makes you happy.

The verdict of this story is that you cannot be in control of the events that take place. But you don’t need to be in control of everything either.

You cannot control the input but you can control the output. The way you react and what you choose to do with what happens in your life is going to determine how it affects you and what it means to you.

The moment you feel like everything is going wrong and nothing can be done about it, do one thing.

Separate yourself from emotion, place yourself in a different position. Try to look for the right that every wrong thing is trying to lead you to.

Do not waste time looking to control the things you cannot, stay in touch with the fact that you determine the outcome. Be the one that understands and choose your reality!

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Anna Maria · June 17, 2021 at 8:46 am

Love you Dimitrios, very nice article.Keep on!!!

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