Fail your way to success, the paradox number 2 after how you always have a choice even if you don’t.

As we will be looking at another paradox, we are going to see how the simple concept of failure might be just the thing for success.

But why is it that we are so afraid to fail? Better yet, why is failing such a bad thing?

Failure is a thing we dread, we form a large scary picture that has the word FAILURE written on it without even knowing what the picture is about.

We go about setting goals and having dreams about success and the like. But success is not a one size fits all kind of clothing. After all, are you not already successful if you are happy? Is there something particular you are lacking in order to tick the box of success?

Play to win! Don’t play to not lose!

Playing to win, means escaping mediocrity.

Chances are that if you try, you might fail. What it all comes down to, is what you do once you fail.

If you play to win, and I mean to really win, you are an unstoppable force. You detect opportunity like a radar, you prepare yourself and you grow. When the time comes, luck strikes!

But opportunity usually carries risks. There is no one opportunity that can change your life that does not also carry its own dangers. Failing is one of them.

The answer to whether you take that risk, lies on whether you play to win or to avoid losing.

If you are playing to win, you will probably fail many times before you do. To fail your way to success you have to befriend failure, realize that if you are failing you are playing to win.

If on the other hand, you play not to lose, you might actually not lose but you can never win. Trying to avoid loss means avoiding everything that can cause a loss, that is risk and hence opportunity altogether.

Avoiding risk, means leaving all your opportunities on the table in the name of avoiding failure.

The fail your way to success manual:

What if you do?

What if you fail? What if you fail so bad, that you realize that you could never win at what you were doing?

Would it be better to never know that you were after something you could never have?

You see if you want to get anywhere in life you will need three important lessons:

  • to fail
  • to quit
  • to give up

You have to fail at what you do in order to learn what works and go after it like a freight train.

How will you ever find your passion unless you quit everything else that is keeping you from it?

And finally, ditch the never give up quote. It is not for those who never give up, it is for those who are afraid to give up! If something is not working out for you, why keep on pushing? Just give up!

Give up whatever is bringing you to a dead end, look for something else and liberate yourself. This is not a hit or miss kind of deal, it is a hit until you make it kind of deal!


F*ck being afraid! You got this!

It was never about knowing that you are not going to fail. You can never know that and you should not care about knowing such a thing. This is not what you need in order to take a risk or to feel comfortable.

It is the same thing as falling in love. You cannot know that you will not get hurt, hence you should not waste time and energy trying to prevent or foresee it.

It is about knowing that even if you fail, even if you get hurt, YOU can handle it and YOU can deal with it.

Taking a risk is so similar to falling in love. Falling in love is nothing other than putting your guard down and letting go. You let go and you give in to each other hoping that it will be ok. There is no knowledge of the future, only hope for one another.

Similar to falling in love, if you are afraid of getting hurt or failing you do not take risks. On the one hand, you don’t get hurt but on the other, you never find out what you could have had.

But it is not as simple as that, I know.

Knowing you can handle it, means that you have faith in yourself above everybody else. An asset that is difficult to acquire but very much worth having. Maybe a good first step would be to learn how to spend some time with yourself first.


The Fail your way to success Verdict

The moral of the story here is about changing your point of view.

To fail your way to success, you need to have faith in your ability to cope with failure. But not just that…

Every challenge, problem or short coming, can be two things.

It can hurt you or it can teach you. The point of using failure to succeed is to be able to find the lesson in every situation. Use the moment and use the opportunity to reflect on what went wrong. You are only a loser if you get nothing out of your loss.

Stay strong!


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